What this charity offers is a hand up, not a hand out.

Roy Burley – Trustee


“We’re reaching out to people who are in deep need of help – vulnerable people and children who are being exploited, people who are in hopeless situations without shelter, food, clothing, people who feel hopeless, unloved and uncared for.  And what this charity offers them is a hand up not a hand out.  We come along side churches and individuals who are already working with these people in their local communities.

Our mission is to empower these people to give them value and self-worth and the means to help themselves through education, through training, through enterprise but also through the gospel.  Helping people be set free in receiving forgiveness and healing in their hearts and minds.

In a nutshell, we’ve been given the opportunity to serve Christ by helping those who are hungry, naked, in prison – and we’re sharing that opportunity now with everyone reading this.  People are now receiving help, knowing we care, God cares, people care,  and that we’re constantly looking at a way to help them out of their current situation.  We’re looking at the potential of these people and these communities.  How can you and I support them in changing their world?”